We’re thrilled to announce our NYC premiere at the American Jewish Historical Society. There will be a pre-screening reception. Hope to see you there. Registration open.

Review from Rabbi Michael Berenbaum:

“Karen A. Frenkel has unlocked her family treasures, once brought home in plastic bags, to tell the story of her parents’ and grandparents’ ordeals during the Holocaust. Her research was prodigious, her work indefatigable, and her courage admirable. As we follow their stories, the history of the Shoah unfolds, the world before, the diverse ways in which these Jews faced their fate and made life and death choices––choices, even choiceless choices––even how they dealt with the legacy of their struggle––some in silence, and some in words. As the child of survivors, Frenkel uncovers her past but the story she tells is not just personal for we begin to feel that her family could be ours. Her exploration of the past is engaging. Family Treasures is truly a treasure.”


We just finished the five part educational series based on the feature. We think it is a perfect entry to teaching the history of the Holocaust, antisemitism and family history research skills. Contact for more information.

Response from screening:

This was the holocaust from a different perspective.  I saw it as a family, not numbers and the violence of the most wretched human treatment dominating the experience. I was invited to know the loss and pain but also the richness of their experience as a family.  A treasure shared in faces. And then there was the humor that Karen bought to the story. I left in appreciation, not sorrow.

We’re pleased to announce our premiere is at the Miami Jewish Film Festival.

Streaming January 12-24, 2024


‘Family Treasures Lost and Found’ Starts Streaming Friday at Miami’s Jewish Film
Review from


We are now working on a five-part short doc series for educators and genealogy workshops at synagogues, museums and Holocaust resource centers.

The short series will be perfect for required high school curricula. Not only does it teach history through a specific examples, it models research skills that can be applied to other topics. If you’re interested, please contact us:


“Springtime,” an excerpt of Karen’s memoir-in-progress, is being published by the American Writers Review. She’s among the finalists of their contest: Captured in a Moment…(Blink).”