Marcia Rock and Karen A. Frenkel

Marcia Rock, Director

Marcia Rock’s documentaries cover international dilemmas, women’s issues as well as personal perspectives.  She recently completed “UnReined,” the story of an Israeli equestrian Champion, Nancy Zeitlin, who spends ten years in Jericho building the first Palestinian equestrian team.  Rock produced three films on veterans: “Soldiers Period” is a humorous short debunking myths about PMS, “Warriors Return” focuses on Navajo veterans and the need for rural healthcare and “SERVICE: When Women Come Marching Home” about women transitioning from active duty to civilian life that won a NY Emmy.  From the plight of salt harvesters in Ghana to the changing role of women in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, she has covered Irish American and Northern Irish history producing “Daughters of the Troubles: Belfast Stories” (1997) describes how women held their communities together during the Troubles and won many awards including the AWRT Grand Documentary Award and aired on PBS stations. “McSorley’s New York,” tells the story of the NY Irish through the patrons of the bar and won a NY Emmy.  She experimented with the personal documentary form in “Dancing with My Father,” exploring how adult love is shaped by what a child learns at home and “Surrender Tango” about how the tango can be a metaphor for relationships. She is the director of News and Documentary at the NYU Carter Journalism Institute and she co-authored with Marlene Sanders, Waiting for Primetime: The Women of Television News (University of Illinois Press 1988.


Karen A. Frenkel, Producer

Karen A. Frenkel is a technology and science journalist, editor, author, and producer. Her two award-winning documentaries cover the impact of technology on society and appeared on public television. “Minerva’s Machine: Women and Computing” (1995) examines why there are so few women engineers and computer scientists. “net.LEARNING” (1998), a two-hour documentary, explores the trade-offs students and faculty are willing to make in online classrooms. While producing “Family Treasures Lost and Found” she has been writing a companion memoir about her quest. She also blogs for The Times of Israel and previously wrote a blog called WeAre1: A Family of…. Both are about her parents’ wartime experiences and parallels today. She is co-author with Isaac Asimov of Robots: Machines in Man’s Image (Harmony 1985). Her articles have appeared in Bloomberg BusinessWeek,,, Communications of the ACM, CyberTimes: The New York Times on the Web, Discover, Essence,, Forbes, Personal Computing, Millimeter, New Media, Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service, Publish, Scripps-Howard Syndicate, Science Magazine,, Scientific American, Scientific American MIND, Technology Review, The New York Times, The Village Voice, U.S. News and World Report. Awards: “Minerva’s Machine: Women and Computing:” Best Documentary in a Small Market, 1997 Exceptional Merit Media Award from the National Women’s Political Caucus and Radcliffe College, Best Documentary, Brooklyn Arts Council’s 30th Annual International Film and Video Festival, 1996, Best Television Series, Runner Up, Eleventh Annual Computer Press Award, 1995. “Net.LEARNING,” 1998 National Education Reporting First Prize, Television Documentary and Feature.

Website:  Twitter: @KarenAFrenkel